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Welcome to Physics Phenomena

This Web Site is dedicated to all of us who are students of Physics or just naturally curious about how our world and our universe works.  This Web Site is for students in private, public, and home schools who have a genuine interest or curiosity in science as it relates to physics.

"Physics is fun" says the author, because Physics is about toys, machines, gizmos, and all sorts of wonderful things.

For those interested in Science education and Physics education this Web Site addresses simple Physics lessons and Physics problem solving skills that can be used at the elementary, junior high, high school, and college level education.

And finally this web site is for my students to use as a gateway to the internet and the world wide web in their study of physics and astronomy.


As this site expands to be more inclusive with regards to the other sciences, we will be putting in somelinks for quick reference as well as links to the Site's workbook.

The link to the Workbook, which is currently under construction, can be found in the left margin, along with the other links found on this page.