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As part of our on going effort to evaluate students oral and written communication various tasks will be assigned to different students depending on both their level and what evaluation(s) are taking place at that level.  Also students will be assigned both a lab simulation and a laboratory research project.

1. Oral and written communication project:

Students assigned this task are asked to research two major theories in science today.  One is the theory of evolution and the other is the big bang theory.  The objectives of this assignment are to:

1. Explain the difference between a theory and a hypothesis.
2. Explain the scientific definition of the term theory and compare that to how it is commonly used in everyday speech.
3. Summarize the "Theory of Evolution"
4. Summarize the "Theory of the Big Bang"
5. Discuss which of the two theories have significantly more evidence supporting it at this time.

The two web sites that you must use, though you may also use others, are

The link is: ---- Talk Origins

And the "Big Bang Theory" - about the history of the theory and the evidence that supports it."

The link is: ----- Big Bang Theory

You are to work in groups of three and put together both an oral presentation and a written report with correct citations for the web sites used.  Date due is to be announced.

2. Laboratory research project:

"The investigation of the Pendulum"

To assist you in this part of your research consider beginning your search with this link to the study of the pendulum

The link is: ----- Foucault's Pendulum

3. Bridge Building Project:

To understand the method involved in the process of building bridges, research must be done to grasp the stresses experienced by different bridge components and how they interact to determine whetehr a bridge will support its load and that which will be placed upon it.

The recommended link to begin this study is: ----- Super Bridge

You will receive in class instruction on the construction of bridges using bridge building simulation software.  You are also to do some research about types of bridges using the web site address  which launches the NOVA web site Super Bridge.



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