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Power Point Presentations

These power point presentations are
for students in Mr. Feimer's Classes

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Using Power Point (to make presentations)

Getting Started

Getting Started

A Geometry exercise PS#1-21

 A Geometry exercise - PS1-21

A Kick OFF exercise in "measurement and dimensions"

A Kick Off Exercise in Measurement and Dimensions

Power point presentation for PS1-8b

 Problem Set #1-8b More Metric

Math Review Topics

Order of Math Operations

Hierarchy - Order of Math Operations

Unit 2

Power Point Presentation for Unit 2

Power Point Presentation for Significant Digits

 Significant Digits

Power Point Presentation for Chap 3

Chapter 3 PPT

Power Point Presentations for Chapter 4



Vector Addition

Adding Two Vectors
not at right angles

Power Point Presentations for Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Introduction

Summary of Motion Notes