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Model Rocketry and Flight

Model Rocketry and other flying devices have attracted young people for a long time.  Studying the history of Robert Goddard, often called the father of modern rocketry, is a story of such intense interest.  This page provides you with links to important information about the important  aspects of model rocketry and the the concept of flight.


See the pictures of the 3rd Annual R/C Air Show and Rocket Launch presented by the Suburban Aeroclub of Chicago.


The Model Rocketry for Educators site has important information, for anyone interested in the hobby, to read.  This includes parents of minors who are getting into the hobby as well.  Just as in RC (remote control) model planes, boats, and cars, safety is an issue and everyone in the hobby from beginners to experts ought to know the rules of safety in such hobbies.

The Model Rocketry for Educators site can be cliked on here.


Interested in Flight or Aviation and Aeronautics in general?  Then Click on this yahoo search result and explore.

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